June 28, 2018

Empty Spaces went to Oaxaca, Mexico for the Oaxaca Film Fest last October and had a great time exploring and talking to activist artists in the area. The pitch fest portion of the festival was cancelled due to the two major Earthquakes that occurred in Oaxaca and Mexico City. The pitch fest portion was scheduled to be done remotely; however it has unfortunetly gone unfullfilled. For more detailed adventures, check out the October posts on our facebook. Empty Spaces was an Official Selection of the 2017 festival in the 'Comedy' category for Screenplays.  

Pitch Trailer for Empty Spaces

Test Scenes

Opening Subway Scene

Bar Scene

Phone Call Scene

Interior Theater Scene

Cafe Scene

Punk Rock Scene



Empty Spaces is a minimalist art house dark comedy about a group of rowdy and disillusioned female artists who encounter a mysterious woman recently escaped from a mental institution.

Throughout the film, the two forces collide; resulting in a dynamic performance that embraces, mocks and questions the nature and impact of art, philosophy, sanity, and love within Brooklyn's changing economic and artistic landscape.

Cast & Crew

Production Credits

Writer/Director: Kelley Brannon
Assistant Director: James Watson
Composer/Sound Designer: Jon Murphy
Director of Photography: Luis Alarcon
Editor: Kelley Brannon (co-edited with Jake Kath on trailer)

Indiegogo Video: Cait Davis
Social Media: Kelley Brannon & Liana DeMasi
Website: Jon Murphy

Principle Cast

to be announced

Opening Subway Scene

Anna: Marta Kolano
Pete: Jon Murphy

Shot on location in the Bedford/Nostrand G train subway station, Brooklyn, NY on July 19, 2015

Bar Scene

Anna: Marta Kolano
Zoe: Kelley Brannon
Bartender: Richard Thomas
Couple in Plaid: James Watson and Mikalena Kenyon
Bar extras: Armando Canedo, Peter Foy

Punk Song: "Against Economy" performed by Against Economy (Kelley Brannon, Amy Mills, Erica Russo)

Piano: Jenny O'Connell

Shot on location at The Bodega Wine Bar, Brooklyn, NY on April 19, 2016

Phone Call Scene

Cassie: Mikalena Kenyon
Katie: Jenny O'Connell
Bitch Nurse: Edan Mohr
Male Doctor: Armando Canedo
Fred: Jeremy Kotler

Shot on location in Bushwick, Brooklyn October 2016.

Interior Theater Scene

Anna: Elizabeth Mateer
Zoe: Jeri Silverman
Ruth: Rachel Hayatt
Pete: Forrest King, Jr.
Cassie: Stephanie Browne
Irvin: James Watson
Water Woman: Kristina Siapkara
Actor 1: Peter Foy
Actor 2: Phillip Cappadora
Actor 3: Hollie Zegman

Audience Members:

Bettina Skye
Roberto Reyes
Armando Canedo
Matthew Muzio
Brooke Churchill
Jasmine Carrasco

Saxophone by Kate Mohanty

Boom Operator: Oludara Egerton-Shyngle
Casting: Kelley Brannon and Baruch Santana Casting

Production Assistants: Baruch Santana, Oludara Egerton-Shyngle, Jasmine Carrasco

Shot on location at The Bushwick Starr, Brooklyn, NY in November 2014

Café Scene

Zoe: Kelley Brannon
Cassie: Hollie Zegman
Customer 1: Armando Canedo
Customer 2: Pete Bertine
Skim Latté Customer: Wesleigh Singleton
Customer 3: Peter Foy

Guitars: Duke Taylor and David Flick

Shot on location at Little Skips, Brooklyn, NY on April 18, 2016